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Metal Gear Solid Reviews

website score publish date article quality
DarkStation 10/10 Jun 12 '02
Game Revolution A- Oct 01 '98
Game Vortex 98% Nov 12 '00
Gamegenie 5/5 Jul 07 '08
GamePro 5/5 Jul 07 '08 10/10 Aug 29 '05
Gaming Target 9.5/10 Nov 20 '01
Generation 5 9.4/10 Jul 07 '08
IGN 9.8/10 Oct 21 '98
Metacritic 94% Jul 07 '08
PGNx Media 9.5/10 Aug 26 '02
PSX Extreme 9.9/10 Jul 03 '99
Test Freaks 9.7/10 Jul 07 '08
Thunderbolt 6/10 Sep 04 '04
Total Videogames 10/10 Nov 14 '01
GameCenter 5/10 Nov 03 '98
GameSpot 8.5/10 Oct 19 '98
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Quoted from Metal Gear Solid Reviews:
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"Overall, I would say that Metal Gear Solid comes very close indeed to being my favourite title of all time. I bought it online from EB and I still go back to now, despite having finished a number of times. I would recommend that you buy it right away. You can get from EB Online for an absolutely incredible $19.99 (About £10 I think! Follow the link on our home page.) They tend to be the best online store as they an established high street name also."
"Let's face it - the hype surrounding Metal Gear Solid would be hard for any game to match. It won numerous awards after E3, and deserved most of them. In the end, we have a great game, one of the best for the system. But its diminished length and excessive no-interactive plot hold it back from truly reaching the highest plateau. Still, this is a must have for any PSX library and a ton of fun."
"...may be the best-looking PlayStation game ever... more story here than gameplay... sheer amount of hand-holding... control seems cumbersome and primitive... perfect demo game... short..."
"For those of you not familiar with the Metal Gear series here's a brief background. You are Solid Snake who has had a past filled with loopholes. Starting when you killed your own Father "Big Boss", probably because he tried to take over the world, or maybe you just didn't like him. Just kidding, actually Big Boss was the greatest soldier that ever was; he created a Terrorist organization called the Outer Heaven. He created an army of gene soldiers and a super tank (Metal Gear). This was a problem, you and your bud Gray Fox were sent to take him and Metal Gear out. Big Boss comes back and you (Solid) realize that you didn't kill him. He creates a new terrorist group called Zanzibar, Snake is sent to finish the job again. But now his so-called bud Gray Fox wants to kill Solid as well. So you take him out too."
"Metal Gear Solid is the rarest of things: a video game with looks, brains, and heart. Its combination of excellent action and superb story line makes it one of the PlayStation's top titles. "