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Average Review Score: 9.1/10

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Metal Gear Solid Reviews

website score publish date
DarkStation 10/10 Jun 12 '02
Game Revolution A- Oct 01 '98
Game Vortex 98% Nov 12 '00
Gamegenie 5/5 Jul 07 '08
GamePro 5/5 Jul 07 '08 10/10 Aug 29 '05
Gaming Target 9.5/10 Nov 20 '01
Generation 5 9.4/10 Jul 07 '08
IGN 9.8/10 Oct 21 '98
Metacritic 94% Jul 07 '08
PGNx Media 9.5/10 Aug 26 '02
PSX Extreme 9.9/10 Jul 03 '99
Test Freaks 9.7/10 Jul 07 '08
Thunderbolt 6/10 Sep 04 '04
Total Videogames 10/10 Nov 14 '01
GameCenter 5/10 Nov 03 '98
Gamespot 8.5/10 Oct 19 '98
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DarkStation on Jul 01 '08

"Overall, I would say that Metal Gear Solid comes very close indeed to being my favourite title of all time. I bought it online from EB and I still go back to now, despite having finished a number..."

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Game Revolution on Jul 01 '08

"Let's face it - the hype surrounding Metal Gear Solid would be hard for any game to match. It won numerous awards after E3, and deserved most of them. In the end, we have a great game, one of the..."

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Gaming Target on Jul 01 '08

"And yet, there's still more... Knowledge of stealth and fighting aren't all there is to the gameplay module. Metal Gear Solid is loaded with puzzles you'll have to overcome in order to advance to..."

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Generation 5 on Jul 08 '08

"Quite simply, this is the best game I've ever played - if you have a PlayStation, and you don't have MGS, why are you still reading this? Buy it! Virtually everything is excellent, from the..."

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Metacritic on Jul 07 '08

"As retired agent Solid Snake, the player must infiltrate a base overrun by terrorists (members of Fox Hound, his old unit), check up on hostages, and find out if the terrorists have the ability to..."

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