Play as Mega Man or Zero in their fight to save the planet. Zero uses a sword instead of a blaster. Similiar to previous Mega Man X games, there are 8 stages to fight through. After defeating a particular boss, Mega Man X can gain the boss' ability.

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Best Mega Man game ever! MegaManX4 PSX

This is MMX at its peak of perfection. You are nuts if you hate this game.
Megaman X4...

crazy game!! 5 out of 5 stars! MegaManX4 PSX

All in all, it's an awesome game for the PS1. It can literally draw you away from...

fun but hard like all megaman games MegaManX4 PSX

This is most likely the best MMX game.In this game you fight with both X and Zero.You...


It is really great to be able to play as Zero. And his Z saber kicks major maverick...

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