Legend of Mana continues Squaresoft's popular "Seiken Densetsu" series of action-RPGs. Featuring a non-linear event driven storyline, you must uncover artifacts necessary to recreate the world of Fa'Diel as you see fit. Battle enemies alone or with a friend in colorful, 2D storybook-like graphics. You can create your own weapons and armor, and even raise monsters to be your allies.

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Feb 06, 12 3:48pm
added 22 new concept art
Oh yeah im cool
Dec 31, 11 10:55am
Nothing, but now I can beat Nightmare mode. LegendOfMana PSX
Oh yeah im cool
Nov 06, 11 6:48am
I am trying to get all my quests back for Enten, I beat the game 1 time so I tryed out nightmare mode, not what you think it is. Dead. LegendOfMana PSX
Oct 04, 10 10:07pm
A classic game. Lots of fun, and loads of memories. LegendOfMana PSX
Nov 20, 09 7:18pm
100% completion cactus diary is complete all items 800+ attack light sword neck accessory with complete status protection elemental... LegendOfMana PSX
Jul 27, 09 12:37am

-Gameplay: 4.8/5
It's pretty easy to pick up the basics of the game. Most of the areas...

Jul 26, 09 12:16am
added a cheat
May 24, 09 7:45pm
I Mastered this game BUT i can`t get to the final stage,Because my Legend of Mana CD broke. LegendOfMana PSX
May 14, 09 4:33am
One of the great RPGS of all time. LegendOfMana PSX
Nintendo Nut 007
Apr 18, 09 6:09am
Very good game. Love the music too! LegendOfMana PSX
Cheetah Dragon
Jan 08, 09 1:46pm
My favorite game... <3 LegendOfMana PSX
Duncan Idaho
Aug 28, 08 6:56am
added a cheat
Jul 29, 08 12:52pm
X2 LegendOfMana PSX
Jul 19, 08 4:46pm
Complete LegendOfMana PSX
Duncan Idaho
Mar 23, 08 6:34pm
added a cheat
Duncan Idaho
Mar 20, 08 1:08pm
added 2 cheats
Aug 17, 05 7:54am
added a cheat
angel cheater 50
Aug 02, 05 5:10am
Very Good LegendOfMana PSX
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