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In The Legend of Dragoon you play the role of Dart. Your friend Shana has been kidnapped by the Sandora Empire after they destroyed your village. As you set out to settle a few scores and rescue Shana you transform into a Dragoon. There is only one way to stop the evil Sandora Empire - you must find the other six Dragon Spirits and fulfill the Legend of Dragoon. This epic RPG unfolds over four CDs.


  • Guide Dart on his quest to find the demon that killed his parents
  • A 4-disc RPG epic
  • Several nonplaying characters and many full-motion video scenes take you through the complex story
  • Turn-based battle engine allows you to increase attack strength through repeated button taps
  • Timing feature allows you to create devastating attack combos

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Just Perfect. TheLegendOfDragoon PSX

As promised, JRPG classic The Legend of Dragoon has hit PlayStation Network today. If you've got a thing for... posted May 01, 12 2:32pm

[image1 link=yes width=200 float=right] The PlayStation 1 era of gaming was a paradise for RPG lovers, thanks... posted Apr 11, 12 2:33pm

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When I first started playing The Legend of Dragoon, I told myself, "OK, when I write...

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This was my first RPG that I played as a young lad, so I quite literally grew up with...

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Azure lion
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Combo system is very unique TheLegendOfDragoon PSX
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Beat Faust with a level 39 Dart, Lv 35 Albert, and Lv 29 Miranda TheLegendOfDragoon PSX
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Tied with Final Fantasy VII for my favourite game. Very, very magical. TheLegendOfDragoon PSX
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