The world of Legaia is blanketed by a mist that brings rage and madness to those it touches. The people have moved to the outskirts to escape the mist and the creatures it has already tainted. Three heroes emerge to rid Legaia of this mist and find the source of this evil.

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If there was ever an RPG that was overlooked because Final Fantasy hogged the...

I'm going to kickstart this blog by saying that I have a passion for gaming. When I was 3 years old, I picked up my very first controller - a Sega Genesis controller. Since then, I bought systems that came out for the next generations, but only one per generation, like in this one - I got an Xbox 360. The last one, I got a PS2. The one before was the PS1. I'm sure that my folks had an NES for my oldest brother - oh *bleep* this, the point is, while I don't have a million systems, I do have a decent amount of games for the systems I have (or memory cards in the case of the PS1 - backwards compatable PS2 FTW BROS :D). As a bit of a collector, I have some games I doubt the average gamer has even touched. No, I'm not restricting myself to 8-bit and 16-bit games, I'm not a nostalgic. Nah, I'll include the PS1, PS2 and 360 as well. I'll also alert you guys if I spot a bad game in my collection, even if one man's trash is another man's treasure (sexist lol). Might hint to you guys "RENT BEFORE YOU BUY!!!".

So without further ado...

Legend of Legaia is about these things called Seru that, if fused with a human, can make them superhuman. These superhumans have to venture into the mist and destroy it and whoever created it, as well as seeking out some Genesis trees to help aid in destorying the mist. The basics of the plot seems awesome, but the plot twists are freaking awesome. Something tells me that the plot is inspired by a Steven King novel by the name of The Mist.

The gameplay consists of inputting commands of what hand you're using (which holds different weapons) and where you're aiming. You eventually get to deliver a long, long string of these sort of moves on the enemy for maximum damage. You can also use some magic and defend to regain a whole lot of power. So far (as it's been years since I've played it lol), I've managed to deal a fair amount of damage for where I am, and you know what I like? The fact that it's unique and stays fresh, yet it's still fun, and a hell of a lot better than putting your tongue on the *bleep*in X turbo button while blindfolded. Pretty nifty I have to say, though when I let my brother have a shot, he found it to be too excessive and after a bit of a lengthy discussion when he handed the controller back to me, we agreed to disagree. It's not too excessive, thought it may feel it to such, but that's what makes this game different to a percentage. If you want excessive, play Final Fantasy X and XII, please.

As far as visuals go, eh, they're good. It's basically more experimentation of 3D graphics being used in video games on a CD format, so obviously, the character models will look like legos. Regardless, the textures are nice and detailed. However, I still don't think there's much excuse for a bland color scheme for the overworld, although the towns and dungeons have awesome colors, so...*bleep* it it balances it out.

Audio-wise, the soundtrack is catchy and awesome as hell, and the sound effects make sense. I prefer Final Fantasy 7's soundtrack, but Legend of Legaia's kicks ass too. Worth buying the soundtrack (you could Youtube it, plus I still have fond memories of it).

You want more? Well, I have to finish it first then give it a detailed review, just for you guys, okay? =D

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