Embarks on a mission to unravel the evil doings at the ominous Nemeton monastery. Control 3 fully customizable characters as you move through this epic tale of murder, mystery, and mayhem.


In Koudelka, you take control of the title character as she searches for items and confronts enemies in Nementon Abbey. The bulk of this action takes place in the Field Screen. When Koudelka and her friends encounter enemies, you'll move to the battle screen to fight them. You'll use the Menu Screen when you want to change the formation of your characters, or arm them with different weapons or use the items that you've found


  • Breathtaking cinematic scenes and musical score.

  • Three fully customizable characters: Allocate bonus points to determine your characters growth.

  • Combat evil using the Lifedrinker, Sacnoth Blade, Magic spells and many more weapons

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The title ‘Koudelka’ would not be a familiar one for most gamers. Released in 1999, Koudelka only...

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Brilliant, brilliant grid-based RPG. Unique, loved it. Koudelka PSX

In a time where RPGs became mainstream due to the success of Final Fantasy VII, the...


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beaten. 2/3 endings Koudelka PSX

Koudelka is a Playstation game that most people have probably never heard of. I do...


The defining characteristic of Koudelka is its refreshing maturity. With the average...


I thought Koudelka was a great combination of horror and role playing, two of my...


I wanted to like this game. I popped it into my PSone, saw the opening scene, and...

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