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You play as Klonoa, a cute cat-like creature. One night, he has a dream in which a ship crashes into Bell Hill and a dark shadow closes in overhead. When the dream comes true, Klonoa leaves his home and attempts to investigate. There are six stages with six of Klonoa's buddies trapped in each level.
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Homunculus Lover
May 15, 06 9:58pm
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Homunculus Lover
Oct 11, 05 7:53am

Klonoa in my opinion was a wonderful game. In some parts I have to admit it had me...

Jun 24, 05 2:42am
BEST GAME EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 KlonoaDoorToPhantomile PSX
Jul 27, 04 2:38am
Fun, cute, and cool, but maybe a bit too quick to finish. KlonoaDoorToPhantomile PSX
Dec 15, 02 1:24am
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Jun 03, 01 11:06pm

What more can i say? This is what a video game should be. I've been playing video...

Apr 16, 01 2:15pm

you wouldn't think that namco- the makers of tekken, soul blade and ridge racer (to...

Apr 08, 01 2:40pm

This is one of the many silent wonders on the PlayStation. For the few who've had the...

Jan 16, 01 1:17am
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