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Average Review Score: 7.7/10

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Kartia Reviews

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GameCenter 7/10 Nov 13 '98
GameProWorld 4/5 Jan 15 '01
GameSpot 7.7/10 Aug 21 '98
Hotgames  --- Jan 15 '01
IGN PSX 8/10 Nov 23 '98
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GameCenter on Jan 15 '01

"Kartia is a well-designed game that offers an engaging plot and an Orc-sized helping of combat and role-playing."

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GameProWorld on Jan 15 '01

"If you’re a role-playing freak who enjoys strategically moving troops on maps and fighting wars with your mind, Kartia is the perfect game for you."

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GameSpot on Jan 15 '01

"Kartia is a first-rate RPG that we're lucky to have on these shores."

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Hotgames on Jan 15 '01

"Kartia's combat is quite basic, but includes tons of options and different techniques."

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IGN PSX on Jan 15 '01

"If you’re a strategy junkie or a fan of FFTactics and Tactics Ogre, this game is definitely up your alley and won’t disappoint."

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