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Playing as a Cocoon Master named Levant you'll battle monsters in one-on-one combat. Defeat these creatures with your mystic cocoon powers and use them to help you unlock the curse that has fallen on your village. This is done by your ability to combine these monsters to create new customization's. In arena mode you can pit your creation against a friend's.

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I have to say, this isn't just a shameless Pokemon rip-off, but its one that has...

Loved the breeding system thing, great game. JadeCocoonStoryOfTheTamamayu PSX

Jade Cocoon made my jaw drop to the floor, an amazing game. It might be short and seem...


Jade Cocoon is a great game for monster-raising and RPG lovers. I first played this...


Jade Cocoon is a game a little like Pokémon. You capture minions, then train them up...

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