The Italian Job is based on the 1969 movie of the same name. You take on the role of lovable rogue gang leader Charlie Croker in his attempt to steal $4,000,000 worth of gold in broad daylight from under the noses of the Polizei and Mafia. In Turin, the Alps, and London you'll thrash about in the Austin Mini Cooper S as well as sports cars, 4x4s, and a bus. There are 6 game modes including 16 'The Italian Job' missions and 2 massive 'Free Ride Levels'.


The Italian Job is an arcade driving game with three modes of play - Story Mode, Circuit Racing and Stunt Driving. The Story Mode is based on the film's plot as you attempt to steal $28 million in gold bullion from under the nose of the man who betrayed you. The game features 15 different missions utilising a range of vehicles and gameplay styles. Create havoc on the streets of LA as you drive at break-neck speeds through environments based on locations in the film including the Hollywood Hills, Downtown LA and the city's Metro and storm drain system.


  • Story Mode based on the film's plot featuring 15 missions with a variety of gameplay styles.

  • Circuit Racing for 1 or 2 players (split-screen) around tracks based on locations from the film.

  • Test your driving skills to the limit in the Stunt Driving offering you the chance to control a Mini Cooper over various obstacle courses.

  • Environments based on locations from the film including the Hollywood Hills, Downtown LA and the city's Metro and storm drain system.

  • Tear through the streets of LA in a variety of vehicles ranging from the new Mini Cooper and muscle car to an armoured truck and cable van.

  • Cutting edge graphics engine running at a constant 60 fps (frames-per-second) with highly detailed textures and spectacular graphical effects.

  • Exhilarating car handling and realistic damage model including body deformation and component removal.

  • The story unfolds through the use of cinematic cut-scenes and voice-overs.

  • Hidden extras including movie footage, interviews with the film's cast, film stills, concept art etc.
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This game shows just what the Brits do best with visual entertainment - adding humour...

A cheap game based on the 1969 hit movie of the same name. Hours of addictive driving fun. TheItalianJob PSX

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This game is strictly for fans of the movie, it is a bit like Diver 2, but far better...


The grapics Suck big time. Its not as fun. You can't even know where your going. Alot...


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I am a huge Italian Job Fan and I whent out and brought a Playstation so I could enjoy...


This is an excellent realisation of the film... Despite a few shortcomings, it has to...

  • Genre: Automobile (PSX)
  • Perspective(s): First Person,Third Person
  • Developer: SCEI
  • Publisher: SCEI
  • Released
    North AmericaMay 6, 2002
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