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Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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Incredible Crisis Reviews

website score publish date
Antagonist Games Network 85% Dec 19 '00
ConsoleDomain  --- Oct 23 '00
Da Gameboyz 8.2/10 Dec 15 '00
GameProWorld 14.5/20 Dec 11 '00
Happy Puppy 7/10 Dec 18 '00
IGN PSX 7.7/10 Oct 18 '00
The Gaming Intelligence Agency 4/5 Dec 02 '00
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Incredible Crisis Previews

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MPOG Oct 12 '00
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Antagonist Games Network on Dec 19 '00

"If you want something deep and meaningful, look somewhere else. This is as goofy-ass as it gets." "

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Da Gameboyz on Dec 15 '00

"Incredible crisis is by far one of the most insane, crazy, off the wall out to lunch games I've ever played. And I loved every minute of it."

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IGN PSX on Oct 19 '00

" extremely unique game that is oh so very's such an odd game that the fact that it's actually coming out in the States is one of the biggest surprises of the entire year."

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MPOG on Oct 13 '00

"Incredible Crisis features everything from rhythm-action style dancing—in a traditional office setting, oddly enough—to a back massage minigame, in which Taneo must give a sexy Japanese women a..."

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The Gaming Intelligence Agency on Dec 06 '00

"Titus has thankfully done nothing to undermine the Japanese quirkiness... Some of the minigames fare better than others, but with such a variety of play types, everyone is sure to find something to..."

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