Utilize your 40 exotic weapons and equipment as you strategize your way through 25 amusing missions in single player mode. Or play multiplayer with up to 3 others. Hogs of War has you in a 3-D environment fighting other pigs for a group of islands called Saustralasia that are rich in swill.

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Hogs of war for the Playstation. This game, back in the day, was intended to be a...

Mister Axel played Hogs of War
Awesome old school fun. Like worms but with pigs. Good strategy while still entertaining. HogsOfWar PSX
been looking for item a long time HogsOfWar PSX

First off, I always used to play this game. Great game. I also used to play...


I rented this game expecting the same boring games I've been finding lately. I buy...

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8.2 / 10
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