Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Own / Want List

Username Comments
KurtisTrent None
Jasonater bad
candyo1965 None
SunnyDelight None
hamstar138 None
tsubasa12310 Forget it
peterp None
dragoonmaster None
FaithRiddle None
iluvboys2 this is fun
Rikiardo None
secret revealer None
Dunnybrusher None
Speed Demon None
bray_mths None
ashischarmed None
MasterPlaya None
Zennor None
AlphaDeltaFoxtrot None
Big K I remember when i played this, it was such a long time ago but i have never forgotten it
nydine None
Rico Fox None
LloydToS None
annakyoyama88 None
JasonKaotic None