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Pilot yout Mobile Suit into action again in Gundam Battle Assault 2. This time the 2D fighting action is more intense, the battles are tougher and there are more foes than ever. Only the best pilots will make it through Battle Assault 2 using MS now from not only the UC timeline, but also G Gundam's FC as well as Gundam W's AC respective timelines! Who will survive...


  • The Largest Variety of Mobile Suits to Pilot Yet! 30 Mobile Suits in all, features Mobile Suits taken straight from the ultra-popular "Gundam Wing," "G Gundam," and "Mobile Suit Gundam" TV series.
  • Great Hand-Drawn Graphics and Intuitive Controls!
  • A Variety of Exciting Modes for Maximum Replay:
  • Street Mode with varied outcomes
  • Two Exciting Versus Modes for HEAD-to-HEAD competition!
  • Two fast-action Time Attack Modes
  • Survival Mode: pit yourself against the CPU in a fast-action winner-takes-all match

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Involves multiple seasons. GundamBattleAssault2 PSX

man this game is the best.when i went to game stop and bought the game i didn't know...


This Game is One of the greatest games I've ever Played. Great Mobile Suits...


yo guy....this is the best game ever...it's also gundam wing too! i don't see alot of...


this game is the paramount of the gundam game series. the intense color and 3d...


This is a cool game, it really just feels like your playing a longer version of the...


would someone tell me how to get Talgese 3?


This is an awesome sidescrolling 2D fighting game! Its an awesome game, although it...


Just to let you know gundam heavy arms can be won by beating it with Death Scythe. ...


If you're a person who just really wants to beat people up in a game, this is THE game...


A very good figthing,and anime based game.3generetions all in one.One of the best...


Well preaty much this is how the game works. you start off with nothing and have to...


Gundam Battle Assault 2 is generally superior than the first.
It now includes Mobile...


i think this is the best game that i have. its hard to beat and theirs a lot of...


Gundam: Battle Assault 2. For everything Bandai improves upon here, they make an...


I think this game is a sweet game it is fairly short and realy easy I think, but good...

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