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Gundam Battle Assault is a 2D action game where you play a pilot named Herro Yuyfight determined to stop other Mobile Suits from breaking the peace. There's 20 Mobile Suit Fighting Units to choose from and new aerial and ground attacks.


  • From the hit television series! Take on the role of Heero Yuy, with his Wing Gundam Mobile Suit, in his first-ever video game appearance!
  • Revel in detailed hand-drawn 2D animation graphics.
  • Choose from 20 Mobile Suits Fighting Units (including hidden ones), each equipped with their own Mega Special Attack.
  • Shatter your enemy with powerful, all-new aerial and ground attacks. Witness your enemy's armor buckle with each blow

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okay okay i got this game because it was an old gundam game and it was the only one...


This was a nice fighting game, one of the best I have ever played for the PSX, reason...


i buy this becasue i wacth thr cartoon of it neway.the game was good at first eg the...


A fantastic foray into the world of mechanised mayhem. The controls are simple to get...


Gunda Battle Assault, aka Gundam:The battle Masters 2. Well, to start with, I have a...


Considering how old it is you can't expect much from it. Sometimes the game gets...


The Game is very good. It is only a remix of the Gundam battle master 2. the Story...


Anyway This is the best fighting game on Robot(mobile Suit). The Robot move very...


This game rocks! Okay it's hard, especially with a turbo controller (*sheepish grin*)...

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