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Welcome to the world's greatest city! Yes, it's London. Home of The Queen, and of a great many other important people to boot.

And because London swings like nowhere else on earth, doesn't mean we've been left behind by the world. Yes, here at the dawn of the 1970s, London is prepared to meet the demands of the international visitor, oh no, siree!

We've got all the latest technology from telegrams to radios, and there's talk of important people using computers at home and in the workplace for important work within a hundred years! This is likely to be confined to scientists and other boffins.

For the casual visitor, London has hundreds of great attractions and many famous sites, such as Big Ben, or the famous Tower Bridge. But the happiest times of your stay are likely to be spent talking to the happy people of London. To the posh nobs of westminister to the chirpy cockney sparrows of the East End, London is a happy place, which has no time for criminals or wastrels!!!

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Never Tried It But Looks Cool GrandTheftAutoLondon1969 PSX
All I ever remember about this is the fake Michael Caine screen. And driving an Austin Powers Jag. GrandTheftAutoLondon1969 PSX

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