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GTA is a top-down game putting you in the role of a freelance criminal doing jobs for the mob. There are over 100 missions to do in 3 cities. Hijack cars. Run over innocent pedestrians. Blow up busses. have a blast- just don't get caught by the cops.

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  • Find the hidden missions, secret areas and insane powerups
  • More than 6,000 kilometers of freeways, back streets, roads, alleyways and dead ends
  • One of the hottest soundtracks on the PlayStation
  • Features Hollywood-style car handling and unique, zooming, top-down views
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Rockstar has been slowly going through its back catalog of video games to release on the PlayStation Store,... posted May 01, 13 6:37pm

Holy crap, I had no idea what this game was, then I accidentally ran over a cop and said : I can do that in game? I must spread the word! GrandTheftAuto PC

My Speech Outline

Well, there she blows. For those of you that didn't catch my last blog post, I needed to give an informative speech for my college speech class. It needed to be a sociopolitical topic, so I chose video game violence.

I'm a horrible public speaker, as I have horrid stage fright. I ended up rambling, and not being to get to the conclusion within the 6 minute time limit.

So yeah, there it is. :)

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I just wanted to see what it was like, so I go it. Meh. It's okay. GrandTheftAuto GBC
good but the controls are hard GrandTheftAuto GBC

I loved this game! Free roaming and action-packed, filled with tonnes of surprises...


This game is pretty basic by today's standards but it was pretty addictive and spawned...

Despite a couple programming flaws (can GrandTheftAuto GBC

This game has inspired the whole grand theft auto range so it can't be bad at all, it...


Grand Theft Auto is made up of three citys, you start of in Liberty City in the east...


Although the graphics aren't the best the game still turned out to be the best! What...


The very first Grand Theft Auto game which spawned an entire series. Graphics are...


there are many jobs to be completed for certain bosses, and there is a storyline which...


I doubt when rock star games first released this game they expected it to sell so...

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