Grandia is PSX port of Game Arts' JRPG that first launched on the Sega Saturn in 1997. Players take the role of a budding adventurer named Justin who seeks to prove there is uncharted territory past a massive wall called the "End of the World." Justin will eventually meet allies throughout his adventure (with the party finalized to four members by endgame) as he travels to destinations across a world map leading to the End of the World and possibly beyond.

Key locations are 3D maps that players explore with the help of a camera the player can rotate. Enemies can be seen on the maps before being engaged, though they may chase the player on their own if hostile. Once either party makes contact with another, the player characters enter the battle screen where both sides can maneuver about the field to attack each other using physical attacks, skills and magic. All actions require an amount of time to execute, meaning quicker actions happen before slower ones even if they were chosen later in the turn order, which is represented by a single bar for all parties on the field. Players can delay or even cancel more powerful attacks from enemies by timing the execution of proper attacks during the turn order.

Party members learn new abilities based on the weapons or magic they use, and gaining experience in those will in turn have an effect on the character's stat boosts when they level up. Grandia features over 80 weapons, spells and techniques to master.


  • Over 200 weapon, enemies, and items to collect.
  • More then 80 magic spells and battle techniques
  • Over 80 hours of gameplay
  • A unique magic and character development system that puts your strategic skills to the test.

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It's supposed to be really good. Grandia PSX
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While it was initially released on the SEGA Saturn in 1997, Grandia was released on...

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Ah, always a pleasure... ^^ Grandia PSX
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exellent Grandia PSX
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Bava! Love it, fantabulous!!! Grandia PSX
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I WANT IT! Grandia PSX
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I never got to the second disk and I really want to know how Justin and Feena progress with each other Grandia PSX
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What? No! It can't be! Grandia is... finished? My God. There's no more. I've beat it....

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Justin is a young 14 year old boy, with big hopes and dreams. Full of spirit and love,...

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This game is a really good game but it did have a weak points, like the bosses...

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