Can young Justin and his friends stop the corrupt General Baal and his army's plans to use the magic of the ancient Icarians to lead them to the lost capital of Arent and its secrets? Use more than 80 magic spells, battle techniques and weapons as you solve the mysteries of Grandia.


  • Over 200 weapon, enemies, and items to collect.
  • More then 80 magic spells and battle techniques
  • Over 80 hours of gameplay
  • A unique magic and character development system that puts your strategic skills to the test.

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Japanese mobile developer G-Mode announced CEO Takeshi Miyaji had passed away suddenly on July 29.  Miyaji was 45... posted Aug 01, 11 1:07pm

It's supposed to be really good. Grandia PSX

While it was initially released on the SEGA Saturn in 1997, Grandia was released on...

Got something sweet for you RPG-lovin' PS3-ownin' gamers in the audience: Grandia is headed to the PlayStation... posted Feb 24, 10 9:45pm

Seems like the past couple of years have been huge for MMOs, no matter what part of the world you live in. Aside... posted Apr 22, 09 4:08pm

Ah, always a pleasure... ^^ Grandia PSX
Bava! Love it, fantabulous!!! Grandia PSX
I never got to the second disk and I really want to know how Justin and Feena progress with each other Grandia PSX

What? No! It can't be! Grandia is... finished? My God. There's no more. I've beat it....

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