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Final Fantasy Anthology contains Playstation ports of 2 classic SNES games from the well-received Final Fantasy RPG series. FFV follows Bartz and his allies as they master a variety of "jobs" (character classes) that give them new skills they need to defeat the mage XDeath. An evil Empire in FFVI seeks to restore the lost art of magic in an age of technology. Terra and her allies must master the use of magic in order to defeat the Emperor and his twisted general.


  • Includes both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI
  • Includes brand-new animated movies and bonus music CD
  • Original 2-D graphics and 16-bit sounds
  • Includes extra material, such as artwork and data on the game's monsters
  • For 1 player

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Square Enix is digging through their vaults to bring out Final Fantasy V for a PlayStation Network release.  This... posted Apr 04, 11 3:03pm

Nov 20, 10 2:11pm
<3 FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Jul 19, 10 4:18pm
Decent port. FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Sep 25, 09 8:11pm
Sep 06, 09 5:34pm
9.4/10 FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
May 27, 09 1:21pm
Bought this and sadly it broke before I could complete 4 (now have that on a different console). 5 is a great game which is overlooked... FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Nov 05, 08 6:55pm
[FF5FF6] teacher lost the case for this...grumble... FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Sep 09, 08 10:58pm
O.K. I have this game but it has ffIV and ffV not VI so could someone E-mail me cuz My Bro Rhun has the same one as me! FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Aug 26, 08 8:55am
If anyone has this game and is willing to sell or trade for it please tell me and Im sure we can come to some sort of agreement FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Jul 19, 08 4:31pm
Not Complete FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
final slayer
May 28, 08 10:57pm
just showing FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Aug 27, 07 2:25pm
added a cheat
Homunculus Lover
Aug 20, 07 12:42pm
Jul 03, 07 4:18pm
excellent game FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
Feb 26, 06 12:09pm
added a cheat
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
contact me for trade or cash FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
May 28, 05 1:08pm
FF6 is scratched, videos dont work FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
May 18, 05 3:57pm
beaten both FinalFantasyAnthology PSX
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