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Witness the birth of a phenomenon…

Return to the true origins of one of the most popular game series ever created! FINAL FANTASY® and FINAL FANTASY®II were the foundation of console RPGs as we know them today and are finally available together in Europe for the very first time on PlayStation®.

In FINAL FANTASY®, four warriors of light, each possessing a special crystal, are summoned to bring harmony back to a world threatened by an evil entity intent on conquering it. Together, the warriors battle hideous creatures and travel across the world in order to restore order and peace.

In FINAL FANTASY®II, the emperor of Palamecia launches a campaign for world domination. In response, a rebel force rises in the kingdom of Fynn; in the ensuing clash, the rebels are forced to retreat to the remote town of Altair. Amongst them, four childhood friends find themselves orphaned, homeless and running for their lives. They are the only hope for the rebels and their struggle against the evil Palamecian empire.

Both FINAL FANTASY® and FINAL FANTASY®II contain all-new features, including state-of-the-art CG sequences, a memo file save system, enhanced graphics and come packaged in a 2 disc set complete with Yoshitaka Amano art cards that are exclusive to PAL territories.


  1. Remake of two Squaresoft titles that laid the foundation of the Final Fantasy series.
  2. Original event scenes have been revamped and new ones added to intensify the emotional impact of story elements.
  3. Enhanced graphics breathe new life and detail into all game elements, from deep dungeons and vast worlds to menacing creatures and wandering heroes.
  4. New opening theme songs and improved sound quality immerse the player even further into the game experience.
  5. Brand new, high quality CG movies and stills visually enhance the storylines in dramatic fashion.
  6. A new bestiary contains detailed descriptions of all monsters to assist players in battle.
  7. Access to art galleries featuring beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano.
  8. "Memo File" function added for quick, convenient saves.
  9. New game play modes allows players to choose the level of difficulty within the game.

Editor's Note:

The Japanese version comes packaged with extras that are not likely to make it into the North American release.

Added on: October 25, 2002

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