Final Fantasy IX Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.2/10

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Final Fantasy IX Reviews

website score publish date
Game Freaks 365 8/10 Jul 01 '06
Thunderbolt 9/10 Nov 03 '07
Ultra Ninjas 9/10 Jun 17 '08
Antagonist Games Network 97% Dec 19 '00
ConsoleDomain  --- Feb 06 '01
Core Magazine A Jan 12 '01
Game Revolution B+ Nov 22 '00
GameCenter 9/10 Nov 15 '00
Gamespot 8.5/10 Nov 14 '00
Happy Puppy 9.5/10 Nov 24 '00
IGN 9.2/10 Nov 15 '00
netjak 95% Sep 25 '02
Planet PS2 96% Dec 06 '00
Solinari Gaming 9.8/10.0 Apr 27 '01
SonySource 9.6/10 Jan 02 '01
The Gaming Intelligence Agency 5/5 Nov 15 '00
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Final Fantasy IX Previews

website publish date
Game Revolution n/a
IGN Oct 12 '00
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Game Freaks 365 on Jul 02 '06

"Square once again has created an RPG that is essential to your collection. However, the plot line and terribly slow battle system make playing through the game a second time tiresome. For those who..."

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Game Revolution on Nov 06 '00

"What distinguishes this Final Fantasy from all the others is that the elements in both story and gameplay have been imported from the older Final Fantasies as well as other RPG's... good..."

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Game Revolution on Nov 23 '00

"...doesn't so much break new ground as refine elements of previous titles... The old school flavor is certainly evident... I often found the gameplay a bit monotonous... the game is..."

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IGN on Oct 13 '00

"The biggest surprise regarding Final Fantasy IX has been with the change of the overall look of the game. While FFVII and VIII had a distinct, futuristic cyber-look to them, Final Fantasy IX, with..."

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IGN on Nov 17 '00

"Final Fantasy may be showing its age, or perhaps more precisely a lack of evolution to suit that age, but the series' trademark formula has hooked fans on three generations of consoles now, and it..."

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