Final Fantasy IX Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Krystal Dark Dec 17, 2013 None
AtryxEtairX Jun 29, 2013 None
The Ginger Dude Nov 25, 2011 None
WereJackal Jan 1, 2008 Endgame party: Zidane, Steiner, Eiko
The Anti Hero Aug 5, 2007 None
ulorla Jan 1, 2007 well im not sure how long it took me to get through the game but all my characters were hard hitting by the time I beat kuga the final time and the final boss I forget the name of it though.
Verdant_Abyss Jul 28, 2006 Although I've beaten the main game of Final Fantasy IX many times in the past, the 26th of July is the day I beat Ozma. I then went to Hades to fuse the two Pumice Pieces to create the Pumice Piece. I was then able to summon Ark, something I was never able to do in the past. This is one of my favourite games.
Vulcan Jul 1, 2006 Once again, rushed it, but I really want to back to it when I have some time. TetraMaster RULES!!!
What Lies Beneath Jan 1, 2006 None
notacomputerperson Jan 1, 2006 None
Gotenks Jan 1, 2005 None
lunarose8 Jan 1, 2005 None
BBK_Kid Jan 1, 2005 None
selphie38 Jul 20, 2004 this game was my fav Final Fantasy game ^_^ but very close 2nd to FF8 i loved the characters and all the stuff you could get and to and see ^_^ the story was great also. i really liked the ending to. Score 10/10
Chaos Swordsman Jan 1, 2004 None
final fantasy master Jan 1, 2003 None
Agatsuma Soubi Jan 1, 2003 Got all summons except Arc. Beat Necron with Zidane, Steiner, Dagger, and Eiko at (I think) Level 60.
keyamon Aug 22, 2002 None
JacksonDavis Apr 25, 2002 None
Krunal Jan 1, 2002 None
RizzyJay Jan 1, 2002 First ever final fantasy game i owned. And loved it.
Deis Jan 1, 2002 Completed, excluding defeating Ozma and the Excalibur II subquest.
Shuyu Jan 1, 2002 None
Kataki Apr 1, 2001 None
Luke15 Mar 1, 2001 Simple game the worse in the series
djjimmy2k2 Jan 1, 2001 None
Hell Fire Jan 1, 2001 Score: 8.2/10
DemonicRaider Jan 1, 2001 Great storyline with nice little distractions if you get bored (the chocobos and TetraMaster)I got most of the cards and pretty much all the chocographs. FFIX had good characters, well created maps, basically everything about it was good. Definatly the best game in the series.
Stagnant_Progression Jan 1, 2001 did the 12 hour excalibur 2 challenge.
RpgGuru Jan 1, 2000 None
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 2000 None
ReaperOscuro Jan 1, 2000 Why would you want to master FFIX? Do I need to say anything more?!?! As a good FF fan I completed it, but that is where my obligations end. LOL actually tbh I DID try and master it -got everything, but that secret boss was just too goddamn hard, and the game didn't deserve enough grinding to kill him :p
SerialZero No completion date None
Squaresoftgamer No completion date None
Demon Goddess No completion date None
Homunculus Lover No completion date None
c0m1ng 3vil No completion date None
Orichaldagger No completion date None
Acid Rayne No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
Lycanthrope No completion date None
brad3 No completion date None
Reaper9897 No completion date None
Snez No completion date None
stezton No completion date None
LEZARFD No completion date None
Aura No completion date None
cheesemonkey No completion date None
Turkagent No completion date None