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Product Wiki Description: The last Playstation installment of the FF series sees the return of classic FF themes. (like character class abilities) A simple mission once again grows into a worldwide adventure. New character development systems and improved game graphics mark this series' entry. New York-based artist Yoshitaka Amano returns to do the character designs, just as he did from the first FF to the sixth.
  • 8 unique characters that use a variety of weapons, magic and abilities
  • A magical world with superbly...
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Release Date (North America):Nov 14, 2000 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Feb 16, 2001 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jul 7, 2000 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Feb 22, 2001 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes: Fantasy
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Publisher:Square EA submit new
Developer:Squaresoft submit new
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