Final Fantasy VIII Gameshark Codes

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Infinite health, Save where you want and Infinite item usage. [North America]

WARNING: Use them wisely. Don't use the gameshark code for "Save Anywhere" too many times, or else you may erase your save!

Infinite Health:
8007823A 0258
8008377A 0258

Save Anywhere:

Infinite Item Usage:
Verified by: sktdarling Submitted by: Agrias on December 02, 2006
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Maximum Status to Squall and lvl 100 to Squall [Europe]

80077CBE 5F5E
80077CC2 FFFF
80077CC4 FFFF
80077CC6 FFFF
Verified by: this code is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on September 08, 2007