Final Fantasy VIII Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
Gotenks Jul 27, 2010 None
Crimson Prince Jul 10, 2010 None
unknown Jul 1, 2010 None
Spellcaster9301 Jan 11, 2009 I beat EVERY boss! ^^,
WereJackal Jan 1, 2008 Endgame party: Squall, Zell, Rinoa
Zack_305 Nov 11, 2006 None
Krunal Aug 1, 2006 None
InuYashaFan123 Jan 1, 2006 None
BBK_Kid Nov 1, 2005 None
Incidnia Jan 1, 2005 Completed Main Game Got every Rare Card and have had all cards, have symbol next to Card's in menu to prove it Got all ultimate weapons Got all limit breaks Got all GF's Got all skills Completed most side quests All Characters Level 100 All GF's Level 100
Acid Rayne Jan 1, 2005 I hated this game for so long, because I sucked at the Junction system and couldn't beat Ultemecia (or even Adel, for that matter). I sat down and forced myself to replay it in '05, actually took the time to figure out the system, and [i]owned[/i] Ultie. ^_^ I now really like the game. The ending is the best, far and away, of any game I've ever played. It's just hilarious.
finalfight Jan 1, 2004 None
DQ Maniac Jan 1, 2004 All characters at Lv.100. All GFs. 99,999,999 Gil.
selphie38 Mar 19, 2003 I almost got ever thing in the game! i got all the GFs and weapons and issues of those magazines...card...blah blah blah lol This FF is my 2nd fav. game lol well maybe my frist. i loved the story and the beginning was the best one in all FF. The end was great and funny also ^_^ Score 10/10
Harceru Jan 1, 2003 None
Xonora Apr 1, 2002 This game took me forever to finish. I leveled my characters up for ages, so I could finally defeat Ultimecia.
Deis Jan 1, 2002 I'm the FFVIII Queen. I've completed the game several times, and have collected every item, and every card, battled every monster, and completed every subquest.
ShadowGuard Jan 1, 2001 Good storyline, decent gameplay!!! Good Final Fantasy game, and that is saying something
Ultima228 Dec 28, 2000 this game took me for ever to complete and i still havent 100% finnished it anyone who wants to kill omega weapon good luck to you cause u'll need it
wildhazz May 19, 2000 None
FinalFantasyFanaticc Apr 3, 2000 None
Kentucky Fried Rat Feb 23, 2000 None
djjimmy2k2 Jan 1, 2000 None
Ethereal Jan 1, 2000 8/10
Stagnant_Progression Jan 1, 2000 This is one of my favorite FFs. I got all the cards, all the GFs, all the best weapons and limit breaks. got all magic spells, done all the side quest, beat ultima and omega weapon.
ReaperOscuro Jan 1, 2000 Beating Omega Weapon, but that was pretty easy once you get the Laguna card...oh and I'm pretty sure I got everything there was -go Stone Heart!! But alas cannot say I mastered it, because I didn't get all the cards. Woe me!!
Storm Sep 1, 1999 Huge fan of the FF series. This one is my favorite of all RPG's. Completed it fully...4 times.
RpgGuru Jan 1, 1999 None
Hell Fire Jan 1, 1999 Score: 9.6/10
Principality Jan 1, 1999 None
Kataki Jan 1, 1999 None
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 1999 None
chautemoc Jan 1, 1999 I think I've beaten this a few times now. Almost a decade later, and it's a game I still play sometimes. True classic. Got most of the ultimate weapons I think, but not all..someday. :)
cheatheadVIII No completion date Great game, Possibly the best FF.
Demon Goddess No completion date None
c0m1ng 3vil No completion date None
Orichaldagger No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
Zacdaman No completion date None
BlasterMage No completion date None
Random Heroine No completion date None
Fran_17 No completion date I need to beat Omega Weapon yet. :(
Lycanthrope No completion date None
brad3 No completion date None
MufcMatt No completion date None
Reaper9897 No completion date None
rinoasfirstkiss No completion date um...well, I got all of the GFs..but never got the lionheart :(
Snez No completion date None
LEZARFD No completion date None
Aura No completion date None