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You are Squall Leonhart, a "lone-wolf" and an outcast. He joins SeeD, an elite mercenary unit, and in order to graduate must help settle the war between the countries of Galbadia and Dollet.
After completing the SeeD test, he then goes on his first mission - helping a young woman named Rinoa Heartilly to defeat an evil President. But Squall soon realizes that there is a much bigger, and sinister, evil behind all this. Will he be able to stop it?


The gameplay of Final Fantasy VIII is slightly different from previous titles. Gaining magic is the most notable change. Instead of gaining experience and learning new spells yourself, you must "draw" your magic and spells from enemies and "draw-points".
Summon monsters are also back, but this time they are called "Guardian Forces". These Guardian Forces can gain experience points to learn abilities. It requires a lot of strategy, as you can only learn a certain amount of abilities.


  • Features an epic story line and a massive new world to explore
  • Dozens of hours of game play
  • Numerous side quests and minigames
  • Improved graphics engine provides lifelike characters and motion-captured animation
  • All enemies can be attacked with beautifully animated Guardian Forces

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Squall is nearing the end of his studies at Balamb Garden, a campus host to mercenary...

Final Fantasy fans may or may not spaz out and have to be resuscitated with this news: Square Enix is releasing... posted Aug 31, 12 7:08am

such investment of time for such a disapointing game with a story more tangled and impenetrable than a contortionist from a cirque du solei FinalFantasy8 PC
Just got Ifrit! Easy as heck FinalFantasy8 PC
Alright just stated again!!!! Feeling nostalgic FinalFantasy8 PC
Obtained the Guardian Force Ifrit at the Fire Cavern. FinalFantasy8 PC
i liked things bout it, only reason i played kuz its FF. FinalFantasy8 PC
Completed all the way to the end. Never beat the Omega weapon. FinalFantasy8 PC
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