Final Fantasy VII Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
JasonKaotic Jan 16, 2011 None
angel of blood Apr 24, 2008 None
WereJackal Jan 1, 2008 Endgame party: Cloud, Cid, Tifa
liam93 Nov 10, 2007 well clock stoped all people level 99 all atributes 255 knights of the round fully leveled up and split 5 times killed both ruby and emerald
Verdant_Abyss Mar 1, 2007 I've beaten this game mulitple times, but the date I've given is the most recent date in which I finished it again. Cloud, Tifa and Barret were all level 70+. Cloud had the Ultima Weapon and Omnislash and Barret had the Catastrophe and his final limit break. I'll update this with the "hours taken" box filled in when I get my PS2 back.
foxthefox Feb 1, 2007 Got a gold chocobo Got all my chocobos to class S Fell for cheese weapon *lol* One of best rpg's ive played
Shuyu Jan 1, 2007 None
Willy D Dec 6, 2006 None
HiToKiRi_BoY_BaTo1 Jul 1, 2006 Finished the game complete, every Mastered Materia, all Summons, All Enemy Skills, finished game for the 12th time.
Tobac Apr 1, 2006 None
BBK_Kid Feb 1, 2006 None
Ethereal Jan 1, 2006 8/10
Shin Ra Jan 1, 2006 Completed it when I was much younger be recently redone it to refresh the story in my mind. Also prepared myself for FFVII:AV and FFVII:DoC
Daisy May 25, 2005 None
Krunal Jan 1, 2005 None
Massive Attack Jan 1, 2005 None
Incidnia Jan 1, 2005 Completed Main Game Raised Gold Chocobo Done All Side Quests (minus Emerald and Ruby Weapon) Got all Limit Breaks (minus Aries') Got all Ultimate Weapons Got all Magic, Command and Summon Materia
Acid Rayne Aug 1, 2004 I got this game December of '03, and I played it all the way to the final dungeon, where I used the Save Crystal. The next day, I tried playing it, but I got a "Disc Read Error". My PS2 had given out. I couldn't play for months, but then in August '04 I sat down and figured out that the problem could be fixed by cleaning the laser. So I did, feeling [i]very[/i] stupid, restarted the game (as I had, somehow, completely forgotten every bit of the story by this time), and finally finished it. To this day it remains the only FF I've finished more than once (although it's not because I don't like the others, it's just that I've been trying to do all the sidequests instead). Got most Materia (all except Bahamut ZERO--I wanted the red sub), main three characters (Cloud, Yuffie, Vincent) lvl. 99, defeated Emerald and Ruby WEAPONs, got main three characters ultimate weapons.
Vulcan Apr 1, 2004 My hour count is now on about 145 hours, but I completed it at 87 (including about 15 hours of running around fighting things because my disc was scratched and i couldn't go further.
Box Queen Mar 15, 2004 I took a lot of time after being stuck on Demon Wall.
selphie38 Jan 13, 2004 this game had one of the best TBS ever and upgrades ^_^ and lots of thing to complete later on the 2nd time around. Score 7/10
Deis Jan 1, 2004 Completed fully - every monster defeated, every item found, every subquest completed, every limit unlocked.
SmaXa Jan 1, 2004 Great Game, but takes ages - it's massive! all characters level 60 or so
Matrim63 Oct 26, 2003 Maxed everyones lvs to 99, got all ultra weapons, 100% completion, obtained one of every countable materia including summons and technicks
InuYashaFan123 Jan 1, 2003 None
o_snuffles_o Aug 16, 2002 None
wildhazz Feb 19, 2002 None
Chaos Swordsman Jan 1, 2002 None
Agatsuma Soubi Jan 1, 2002 Beat Sephiroth with cloud, Vincent, and Yuffie at level... 80 if I remember correctly.
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 2001 None
Harceru Jan 1, 2001 None
rambo2k5 Nov 28, 2000 umm i got gold chocobo...and got into all the caves (KoTr and Mimic caves ect) beat ruby and the underwater ultimat weapons for charactgers and got to at least lvl 3 limit breaks on evryone except aeris, only got to lvl 2 for her.
Twillia1 Sep 29, 2000 My First Ever FF Game
Captain Basche Jul 17, 2000 None
Holy Cloud Jul 13, 2000 My favorite acheivement was getting all of Cloud's limit breaks on disc one. I also had Blade Beam before I faced the scorpion robot at the first reactor. I took my time and had all characters at level 99. I had all Master Materia, defeated all the Weapons, had all of Cloud's stats at 255, and got the gold chocobo. I had almost everything, but I started a new game and accidently saved over the data. Since then I've beaten the game multiple times.
Gotenks Jan 1, 2000 None
Hell Fire Jan 1, 2000 Score: 8.8/10
ShadowGuard Jan 1, 2000 Best storyline ever in a game!! Must have for all gamers!!! Knights of the Round
ReaperOscuro Jan 1, 2000 To my shame, I did everything except gaining Knights of the Round Table, so did not defeat the final weapons, woe me!! To this date, I still plan on making sure this is eventually corrected.
Ultima228 Dec 28, 1999 it may have taken me 72 hours but i did that without sleeping. all i did was pause for eating and drinking and u dont wanna know how i went to the bathroom.
Luke15 Jun 6, 1999 masterd all materia and got to level 99 with all characters except aeris who was level 40
Iplaywithfire Jan 1, 1999 After the 38, I had all materia, limit breaks and ultimate weapons, though never defeated Ruby and Emerald. Better dig the game out soon
Beisetsu Jan 1, 1999 None
FinalFantasyFanaticc May 5, 1998 None
Bag_San Apr 1, 1998 Mastered all materia (several times), beat Weapons (ditto), all characters level 99/full stats, degree in Materia, completed No Materia challenge 2005,currently working on Perfect game (2010).
finalfight Jan 1, 1998 I defeated Ruby and Emerald weapon, leveled everyone to 99, gained all the master materia, and gained everyones final limit and weapon.
SpiritMafia Jan 1, 1998 S Class Golden Chocobo, Knight of the Round materia, Ultimate weapons for Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Red XIII, Vincent, Yuffie, and Cid
Stagnant_Progression Jan 1, 1998 None
GameAce Nov 1, 1997 All materia obtained, all weapons obtained, all Weapons defeated, all types of chocobo bred (5-7 gold ones), all materia mastered at least 4 times.
JacksonDavis Mar 15, 1997 None