In this game, you may choose from four different characters: Mace Daniels, Ben (Smasher) Jackson, Hawk Mason, or Alana McKendrick. The game has 25 levels for you to fight through, and almost anything can be used as a weapon, such as trash cans, boxes, and car tires.


  • Choose from two male or two female characters, each with different skills and strengths
  • Play alone or in co-op mode to defeat your enemies
  • Dozens of moves per character
  • Seven action packed levels in 22 different stages
  • Pick up weapons like rocket launchers, shotguns, pipes, grenades and more.
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Arena fighting at it's finest, especially when tag teaming. FightingForce PSX

nothing to say


The game is good but that father desturct daughter save thing is kind of boring to me....


As one of the first fighting games to come out on the Playstation that is not titled...

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7.1 / 10