Final Fantasy Chronicles Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.8/10

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Final Fantasy Chronicles Reviews

website score publish date
Game Revolution B+ Jul 14 '01
GameSpot 8.5/10 Jul 06 '01
IGN PSX 9.4/10 Jul 02 '01
IGN PSX 9.4/10 Jul 18 '01
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Final Fantasy Chronicles Previews

website publish date
GameSpot May 02 '01
IGN PSX Jun 14 '01
IGN PSX Jun 28 '01
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Editorial Articles
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GameSpot May 17 '01  
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Game Revolution on Jul 16 '01

"Final Fantasy Chronicles may not be the fanatic's perfect cup of tea, but to Joe Gamer who doesn't already have the originals, there's no better way to revisit a bygone age. And to those out there..."

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GameSpot on May 22 '01

"Whether you're looking to indulge in nostalgia or become familiar with part of the RPG genre's heritage, the Final Fantasy Chronicles collection has something to offer."

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GameSpot on Jul 09 '01

"If you can get over their unglamorous appearance...the games of Final Fantasy Chronicles are sure to please. With two solid games in one, how can you go wrong?"

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IGN PSX on Jun 15 '01

"Various specifics have been changed along with the overarching character of the script, but in an oddly scattershot fashion. The spell name length is still five characters, so Tellah is still in..."

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IGN PSX on Jul 03 '01

"...Chrono Trigger alone is worth the full price of admission. Add in Final Fantasy IV and you have an astonishing deal that you simply shouldn't pass up."

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