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Final Fantasy Chronicles is a special bundle package that includes updated versions of Square's RPG classics: Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II in the U.S.) and Chrono Trigger. Both had been originally released on the Super Nintendo. Now this version comes with new CG sequences, and two players can team up to battle opponents.


Final Fantasy IV Features:
  1. Complete restoration of the original unedited version of Final Fantasy IV, with new dialogue, scenes, monsters, items, abilities, magic spells, and overall increase in difficulty.
  2. Addition of all new features, including the 'Dash' feature to enhance gameplay. the 'Memo File' system to reduce loading time, and 'Two-player mode' to allow simultaneous gameplay with two players.
  3. Most influential game in the series, setting the stage for all Final Fantasy games released since.
  4. First in the Final Fantasy series to implement the Active Time Battle system.
Chrono Trigger Features:
  1. Brand new animated cut scenes added to enhance the original storyline and increase the emotional impact of the game
  2. Experience a non-linear game system, which allows players to change chronological game events to produce multiple ending scenarios for endless hours of gameplay.
  3. Revolutionary battle system that seamlessly integrates battles into gameplay and allows players to avoid most enemy encounters.
  4. Unique character abilities give players the option to perform visually impressive combination techniques, adding depth to battle strategies.
  5. Features an all new 'Extras Mode' that allows access to more information and files about various characters, multiple endings, animated cut scenes, artwork and game music.
  6. A timeless masterpiece that is one of the most sought out games of all time.

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Added on: May 22, 2001

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These were 2 of the greatest games on the SNES but I have to admit, this collection...


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How can you go wrong with two of the most respected RPGs in history brought together?


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