Three outlaws by the names of Hana, Deke and Glas try to find the daughter of a Chinese businessman. The mercenaries are not just hired to find her and bring her back, but to find the girl and hold her for ransom. Fear Effect is an action shooter with full motion video backgrounds. The game plays similar to an old-school survival horror with its tank controls. Unlike old survival horrors all characters have the ability to run while shooting and they have a roll for avoiding attacks. The game has plenty of puzzles and there is also a bit of stealth. Players are given choices in some parts of the story that decide the final ending to the game.

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Added on: October 18, 2000

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Harder and sexier than Resident Evil. A brutal-controller-smashing-must-play! FearEffect PSX
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excellent game FearEffect PSX
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This game is kind of good.I had good graphics and weapons but it's kind of hard to get...

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I rented this game randomly one day, I saw this featured in a magazine and thought...

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If you like metal gear solid and max payne you should be able to get into this game,...

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