F1 Championship Season 2000 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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F1 Championship Season 2000 Reviews

website score publish date
ConsoleDomain  --- Nov 28 '00
Digital SportsPage 88% Oct 31 '00
Electric Playground 6/10 Nov 28 '00
GameCenter 6/10 Oct 30 '00
Gamespot 8.6/10 Dec 08 '00
Happy Puppy 6.5/10 Nov 03 '00
Hotgames 2.5/5 Nov 28 '00
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F1 Championship Season 2000 Previews

website publish date
IGN Aug 24 '00
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Gamespot on Nov 28 '00

"It enhances a number of the original game's features, adds a handful of new ones, and, ultimately, it will undoubtedly please racing enthusiasts and interested beginners alike."

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Hotgames on Nov 28 '00

"F1 Championship Season 2000 offers one of the better realistic F1 experiences around, includes tons of options, controls fairly easily without being overly forgiving, and features everything an F1..."

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IGN on Nov 28 '00

"The game follows the actual 2001 season schedule for the upcoming F1 circuit and every single race that's scheduled to run in the 2001 season will be in the game..."

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