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F1 2000 Reviews

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EuroGamer 8/10 Jan 08 '01
GameCenter 9/10 Jul 31 '00
GameSpot  --- Apr 17 '00
IGN PSX 7/10 Apr 10 '00
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EuroGamer on

"With all the attention to detail, I find it hard to believe that these things have been skipped over. That said, it's a superb single player experience, which will have you commandeering the..."

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GameCenter on

"Although poly counts in the game aren't terribly high, the frame rate is consistently playable and there are no significant draw-in or clipping issues to pull your eyes away from the road."

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GameSpot on

"When you are playing F1 2000 with the D-pad, the vehicles just don't seem to have the turning ability that they do when you're playing with the analog stick."

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"F1 racers are made to turn on a dime, and start and stop with as little distance as possible, but F1 2000's cars are slow to accelerate, slow to stop, and feel like there's glue in the steering..."

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