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An open-arena, 3D fighting game features martial arts action mixed with weaponry. Besies one-on-one vs. fighting, a lengthy Quest Mode mixes RPG elements into the action. This game also features several characters taken from Square's epic role-playing game, Final Fantasy VII, like Cloud and Tifa.

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This game is complete with the original case,Gmae Disc and the manual as well as front and rear art work. EhrgeizGodBlessTheRing PSX

An ancient kind of Materia has been rediscovered... Ehrgeiz! Pick a character and...


BUY BUY BUY BUY RENT RENT RENT ... WIAT NO! BUY I ha veto say a lot more woods before...


Well I first got this game because I saw it was Final Fantasy related. After playing...


While flipping through the pages of an old video game magazine that I stumbled across...


The first fighting game released by Square is jam packed with tons of characters (only...

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