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In Dynasty Warriors, play as one of up to 13 characters from 2nd Century China. Each character has a weapon ranging from a sword to a long pike. The motion is smooth and fluid and each character has plenty of unique attacks to learn. With modes like arcade and practice mode, there's more than enough here to keep you occupied.


Viewed from a side on perspective, this game is basically a Street Fighter style game. The music changes with each level as does the background, Typically the arena is symbolic of something that happened to that character in real life, either the place of their death, memorable victory or equivalent.


  • Dynamic story line unfolds on legendary battlefields in this 3D fighter based in 2nd century China
  • Strategic combat with unique defensive moves including multiple blocks, dodges, and parries
  • Traditional Chinese weapons dictate style, speed, range, and accuracy of attack; fast game play at 60 fps
  • 13 historical characters recreated in shaded and texture-mapped, 3D polygons
  • For 2 players; enjoy 7 exciting game modes

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Tywyll Arlgwydd
Sep 29, 12 5:15pm
Didn't even know this existed until now... DynastyWarriorsDSFightersBattle DS
Aevers and 7 others own Dynasty Warriors
Dec 13, 10 5:54am
Pretty fun. Much better on console though. DynastyWarriors PSX
May 08, 10 12:38pm
Ok 3.2/5 DynastyWarriors PSX
betterthansoap and 4 others played Dynasty Warriors
Feb 24, 10 1:47pm
added 27 new concept art
Oct 23, 09 6:17am
Almost hard (because its on DS) DynastyWarriors PSX
stevo the odd
Aug 02, 09 5:07pm
ok i guess.... DynastyWarriors PSX
Jun 27, 09 11:49am
7.5/10 DynastyWarriors PSX
Dec 20, 08 4:55pm
Found in a suitcase, thought I lost it when I moved to ontario DynastyWarriors PSX
Sep 17, 08 9:20pm
Good game to pass the time. DynastyWarriors PSX
May 14, 07 9:39pm
Dec 21, 06 2:16am
Its ok I guess. DynastyWarriors PSX
Nov 02, 05 4:30am
great game. nuff said DynastyWarriors PSX
Mar 25, 05 6:04am
Kick arse game!!! 10 out of 10 stars!! DynastyWarriors PSX
Dec 03, 04 5:49am
added 6 cheats
Sep 28, 04 3:51am

This was a game I got bundled with 4 other games when I bought my PS1, and like 3 of...

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