Like the original, Driver 2 will again have you playing Tanner. Screech through 4 cities as you attempt to shake up the underworld's big plans. Realistic car handling, complete with damage modeling and true, real-world physics reactions. New features include foot missions, dual player and the enhanced cut scenes.


  • Experience all new urban chaos as you dodge U.S. and Brazilian gangsters
  • Fun, fast and entertaining
  • Spectacular collisions, with realistic damage modeling, that affects vehicle performance
  • Ability to leave your car and commandeer any other car on the road
  • Single-player missions include A to B, Tail, Seek and Destroy
  • Multi-player support allows up to four players to burn rubber in Free for All, Cops 'n' Robbers, Checkpoint and Cross-town race modes
  • Superior driving physics and graphics include sliding and crashing, fire and car shadows
  • In-game audio realistically recreates tyre-screeching, engine-howling roar

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a great driving game with tons of great memorys Driver2 PSX
Best PSX Game Ever! Driver2 PSX

Its games like Driver and Driver 2 which are pushing the Playstation to its limits. A...


I have had Driver 2 for several years now and I still play it all the time. Why, do...

The worst part about this game is the fact that it takes up two PSX CDs, which says something about the game itself. All 4 cities are great! Driver2 PSX

This was the best game Iv'e ever played, includes many missions mutiplayer mode, 4...


i wantThis is one of the hottest games I have played this whole year - superb graphics...


I mean, tell me who of you passed "chase the gunman" in he first 10 trials?? NOBODY....


This is one of the best games for playstation. This game has pretty good graphics and...

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