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Driver Reviews

website score publish date
Absolute PlayStation 90% Jul 15 '99
Computer and Video Games 5/5 Jul 14 '99
ConsoleDomain  --- Dec 13 '00
Core Magazine A Dec 13 '00
Game Informer  --- Oct 25 '99
GameCenter 9/10 Jul 30 '99
Gamefan 84% Sep 30 '99
GameProWorld 16.5/20 Dec 13 '00
Games Radar UK  --- Dec 13 '00
GameSpot 7.7/10 Jul 09 '99
Happy Puppy 8/10 Jul 27 '99
Hotgames  --- Dec 13 '00
IGN PSX 9.7/10 Jul 08 '99
PSX Extreme 9.5/10 Jul 25 '99
PSXNation 96% Dec 13 '00
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Absolute PlayStation on Dec 13 '00

"Realism comes to the forefront as over thirty miles of road has been immaculately presented from the four main cities, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York."

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Computer and Video Games on Dec 13 '00

"Beyond the cool factor, Driver is an excellent game. The car handles brilliantly, and the game engine is superb. There is just so much variety to the missions too, and they get really demanding..."

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GameCenter on Dec 13 '00

"Microsoft's Midtown Madness for the PC, which came out a couple of months ago, is a cream puff compared to Driver's gritty worldview."

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Games Radar UK on Dec 13 '00

"...there are a number of cool mini-games, like an escape mode where you see how fast you can lose the cops, or "Survival," in which relentless cops crash into you and you just try to last as long..."

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GameSpot on Dec 13 '00

"It's hard to compare Driver to any one game - you could almost say it's a 3D Grand Theft Auto except you're never on foot. You could almost say that it's just like the driving portion of Die Hard..."

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