Edward City is replaced by a huge jungle after another accident occurs. A search and rescue team is sent out to recover survivors and locate the missing research data. Playing as Regina and Dylan, you'll have help keeping the Dino population down by using 2 weapons at once.


  • More! More! More! Dinosaurs, Environments & Weapons.

  • Faster, more intense game-play to keep your heart pumping.

  • Second Generation Dino-Predatory AI

  • The Sequel to the Blockbuster, Survival-Horror Hit!

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There was a time when word of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami making a survival action game featuring... posted Oct 19, 10 7:51pm

The more action approach was a huge improvement, add a captivating stroy and you've got a classic 10/10 DinoCrisis2 PSX
Finished this game and felt extremely satisfied. Great story to follow through and loved the weapons. DinoCrisis2 PSX
Better then the first DinoCrisis2 PSX

30 years has gone by and the since the last game
the experiments are now under a new...


I would like to congratulate Capcom on this wonderful game. The story is amazing,...


My 1st impression of Dino Crisis 2 was, "This is going to be a good damn game!" and...


I know
I love this game,so please give me the detail
information how to get...


The game is good because it gives you a variety of enemies and weapons. It has plenty...


This is the greatest game i ever played before i played Resident Evil 3. (In case you...


This game rules!!


This game is awsome. Twice as many weapons, twice as many enemies(type and just sheer...

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