Digimon World Own / Want List

Username Comments
ShadowCrystallux None
Jasonater None
AC Sephiroth Yep, here's what teaches kids to be emotional. Too bad it gets old as well.
Acid Rayne None
Just a Shadow None
finalfight None
Harceru None
Akira_EX None
LOD-squa None
angel_tamer None
Inuyasha64 beaten it
The Creator None
Seto Kaiba Not For Sale
Med_Jai None
Homunculus Lover None
Amara None
azn knight blaze Great Game
JustonH None
MetalGigadramon None
Twin_Master Played this game relentless and had a really good Digimon. Enjoyed the companionship.
Rijid Kool
Bahamut RAGE None
TrunksnGoten Not for sale
devilorangel50 Not for sale.
messhead Gotta finish it first haven't i?
kymo124 My case is different than shone cuz Im in the U.K.
Fire Fox None
Maxi_m None
Jody fleisch None
Midnight Phoenix None
Blue eyes Lady None
Skullnightson None
DMW None
U_know_who None
Klonoas_Gurl I bought this off Amazon, it's AWESOME!
Storm None
Knightmare Chaotix None
zakken None
Cloudy Wolf None
peterp None
DarkkTrainerr None
Glotnot None
DDanielmon good game
Aungyk None
Hikui Tora Great game, it
Vergil Ties None
Setthotep None
JBHarvestmoon So CONFUSING. ARG!
mrs_harris None
Meleekimy Great Digimon Game!