Digimon World Action Replay Codes

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No virus meter (PSX) North America


Use this code to get your virus meter down to zero, whenever your digimon poo's, the virus meter will not go up and will always stay at it's lowest.


Max Digimon Status (PSX) North America

8016 C840 270F
8016 C842 270F
8016 C844 270F
8016 C846 270F
8016 C830 03E7
8016 C832 03E7
8016 C834 03E7
8016 C836 03E7

This code will make your Digimons status max to 9999/999

All Techs Code (PSX) North America

3016 C850 00FF
3016 C851 00FF
3016 C852 00FF
3016 C853 00FF
3016 C854 00FF
3016 C855 00FF
3016 C856 00FF
3016 C857 00FF

This code enables every single move for your digimon.

Weight and Age modification codes. (PSX) North America

Weight Modifier
3013 FA6A 00??

Age Modifier
3013 FA72 00??

Use this to change your Digimons Weight and Age.

How to use:

To use it, change the "??" to the numbers 1 to 99 depending on what you want your Digimons age/Weight to be. E.g. If I wanted my Digimon to be 99 years old, I would input "3013 FA72 0099"

Don't have a Digimon (PSX) North America

8016 C805 0037

Use this code and you'll be walking round on your own!

"Warning may cause Game Deltion and Glitches. Use at your own risk."