Digimon World is an RPG adventure set in the world of Bandai's popular virtual pet franchise. The player is an aspiring Digimon tamer who get sucked into his own Digivice and enters the digital world of File Island, where Digimon are slowing losing their memories and are at risk of becoming a threat to the city. The tamer must help the Digimon recover their memories and uncover the reason for this strange phenomenon.

Players will raise a Digimon from hatchling phase, then train it through In-Training all the way to Ultimate form. The digimon eventually reverts back to an egg, and the player must begin the cycle anew. The tamer starts with either Agumon or Gabumon depending on a choice they make at the beginning of the game, then team up with it to battle feral Digimon and bring them back to File City to restore its memory. Eventually the tamer will restore the Digimon throughout the island before encountering the true threat.

Digimon World was the first licensed Digimon video game localized in English following the introduction of the franchise to an international audience, and features 80 Digimon to battle and raise as partners.

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Digimon World is an RPG game that came out for the PS1. As such, it is a rare game...

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