You are an aspiring tamer who is accidentally sucked into your Digivice and into the world of the Digimon. You must befriend and train a motley group of Digimon creatures in order to defeat the dark forces at work in this new world.


  • Now you can experience the excitement of the hit animated television series and save your favorite characters from evil!
  • Featuring favorite TV characters including Agumon, Angemon, and Patamon!
  • Over 80 Digimon to raise, nurture, and take on adventures!
  • Tons of exciting cities and adventures will keep you and your Digimon friends happy for hours on end!
  • For 1 or 2 Players! Enter the arena and do battle with a friend using your favorite trained Digimon!

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Digimon World is an RPG game that came out for the PS1. As such, it is a rare game...

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