Digimon World 2 GameShark Codes

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Max Bits (very useful!!) (PSX) North America

In order to have infinite bits, input this:

8005E628 E0FF
8005E62A 05F5

Max EP Digi-Beetle (PSX) North America

In order to have 9999 EP in your Digi-Beetle, input this code:

8005E648 270F
8005E64A 270F

Max HP Digi-Beetle. (PSX) North America

In order to have 9999 HP in your Digi-Beetle, input this code:

8005E644 270F
8005E646 270F

Catching bosses!!! (PSX) North America

Here's the code:
8005F644 FAAA
8005F646 FFFF
8005F648 7263

First, activate the code. Then, when you have to select Boot Domain, you should see every other domain open. Go to Shuttle Port, and go to Chaos Tower. Find the Electro-Spore, and destroy your Digi-Beetle. Now, you should be returned to Main Gate.
Then, go to any domain you want andf you have Zudokorn's Digi-Beetle!

Note: You can't use Auto-Pilot, so be careful.

Have All Items in Server (PSX) North America

Use this code below:
5000EC02 0000
3005F3F6 0063

Note: May not work in the NTSC version or with Gameshark CDX 3.3.
rating: 5/5

New Awesome Codes (PSX) North America

Have Digibeetle Admant Body, & All best parts
3005E64C 00EC
3005E64E 002E
3005E650 0034
3005E652 0049
3005E654 004F
3005E656 0054
3005E658 0059
3005E65A 005E
3005E65C 005F
3005E65E 0062
3005E660 0065
3005E662 0066
3005E664 0067
3005E666 006C
3005E668 0071
3005E66A 0072
3005E66C 0074
3005E66E 0076
3005E670 0077

Digievolve & DNA Digievolve Modifier (in lab)
300709DC 00??
Digievolve to Agumon
Digievolve to Betamon
Digievolve to Greymon

(In Battle) Digimons Enemies Modifier
3005F794 00??
01 - CB
82 = fight with ChaosLord
90 = fight with NeoCrimson
98 = fight with Ultimate GAIA

1st Enemy Digimon Stats Modifier (in Battle)
80073E00 0??? (HP)
80073E02 0??? (HP)
80073E04 0??? (MP)
80073E06 0??? (MP)
80073E08 00?? (pow)
80073E0A 00?? (def)
80073E0C 00?? (spd)

2nd Enemy Digimon Stats Modifier (in Battle)
80073E5C 0???
80073E5E 0???
80073E60 0???
80073E62 0???
80073E64 00??
80073E66 00??
80073E68 00??

3th Enemy Digimon Stats Modifier (in Battle)
80073EB8 0???
80073EBA 0???
80073EBC 0???
80073EBE 0???
80073EC0 00??
80073EC2 00??
80073EC4 00??

Stop Time in Game (Converts 00:00)
3005E625 0000
3005E626 0000

Activate for Reset floor in any Domain
3005F791 0002

Code Digimon World 2 (PSX) North America

8005E648 270F Max EP Digi-Beetle
5000EC02 0000 Have All Item in Server
8005E628 E0FF Max Bits
8005E644 270F Max HP Digi-Beetle