As a member of a Guard Team it is your duty to defend Digital City and Directory Continent against attacks by wild Digimon. As you search the city you will realize that you must defeat the Blood Knights with assistance from friendly Digimon. Features include 200 Digimon to form alliances or wage battles, a Digi-Beetle transport, three-on-three 3D battles, and the abilty to combine Digimon through DNA digivolving.


  • 3-D monster battling game

  • Interact with more than 100 new Digimon creatures

  • Versus and story modes

  • DNA Digivolving allows you to combine Digimon for greater power

  • For 1 or 2 players

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good game. wish they would make a new version of the exact game on the PS2 or other systems with better graphics otherwise a very fun game DigimonWorld2 PSX
The new set of Digimon never really had me. I was a devoted oldie. DigimonWorld2 PSX
Yeah, I like Digimon games. Get over it. DigimonWorld2 PSX
I like it. Although the battle system could be improved. DigimonWorld2 PSX
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