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In Darklight Conflict the game places you in the role of a U.S. Navy pilot who is kidnapped by aliens and taken to a galaxy far, far away. Your captors are the reptilian Reptons who are raging war with the truly fearsome bird like Ovons. The Reptons convince you of their good intentions and you are genetically altered to infiltrate, learn, understand and become friends with the Ovons. The Reptons have also convinced you to turn on your new friends and ally with them as a fighter pilot. To further complicate matters you must learn the language and customs of your strange alien allies in order to survive. But, soon you learn that the Reptons are just as evil as their Ovon enemies, and have a tendancy to eat their captives. Suddenly faced with the prospect of your own demise, you ultimately end up fighting both races in a effort to save all of humanity. That's where the fun begins as all-out space combat ensues with your survival as the key to surviving the game.
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