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Croc, a crusading crocodile is on a mission to rescue his peace-loving Gobbo Islander friends from the grasp of Baron Dante, an evil magician. Leap from one adventure to another as Croc waddles through a wide variety of graphically lush and ever-dangerous environments on his crusade. Despite being seriously cute, Croc's swift tail-kicks and other slick manoeuvres will leave villains eating dust through more than 50 richly detailed levels encompassing over 200 gaming areas and additional secret hidden levels.


  • Fun for all ages

  • Based on the popular PlayStation series, now for Game Boy Color

  • Explore 4 worlds and 30 different environments to save the Gobbo creatures from Baron Dante

  • Race on conveyances such as magic carpets and cable cars

  • Tread carefully across slippery ice slopes and shark-infested waters

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May 18, 12 10:51pm
Nostalgic game of my childhood CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PC
Jul 19, 11 2:40am
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Jul 19, 11 12:54am
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Aug 18, 10 9:02pm
Sadly the game never worked on my PC... CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
Aug 18, 10 9:02pm
So many memories with this game. Croc still has a special place in my heart, as does the music. The innocence of the game was it's utter... CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
Jul 22, 10 12:48pm
Same as above. CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
Aug 10, 09 8:25am
Poor CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
Dramon Knight
Jul 16, 09 9:23pm

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a platformer game that came out for the PS1. When you...

Mar 05, 09 1:47am
bad storyline, too easy CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
Mar 02, 05 3:57am
Funny and entertaining for all ages CrocLegendOfTheGobbos PSX
cent fan
Oct 03, 03 10:19am

What the heck?! This game was obviously designed for kids cos everything about this...

Jul 13, 01 10:16am

Well it is playing nice.

Dec 04, 00 11:45pm
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