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Crash Bandicoot and all his friends and foes participate in Crash Team Racing, a multi-player character racing game for the Playstation. A mysterious alien is up to no good and it's up to you to race against your opponents on 16+ tracks to get to him before it's too late! Each of the 8 starting racers have their own strengths and weaknesses in kart racing. Use powerups to help to master each race and the 4 level bosses!


The gameplay varies in this game. You can do Adventure, Time Trial, Arcade, Versus, and Battle. Each one is different. In the Adventure, you must collect as many trophies, relics and gems as you can. You also have to race bosses, who give you keys to open new areas and help you prepare to race Oxide.


  • Many playable characters - Crash is back once again, and this times he's teamed up with both friends and foes: Coco, Cortex, Tiny, Pura, Polar, and more!
  • Fast and furious racing action - Fast isn't fast enough when it comes to this incredible cart racer! It's fast! It's fun! It's pure racing skill and thrill!
  • Tons of cool power-ups - Augment your chances of winning a race by picking up power-ups contained in crates along the track. Pick up bombs, turbo boosts, missiles, and much more!
  • A wide array of smooth moves - You have tons of cart moves at your disposal in CTR, from hopping to fast starts and POWER SKIDS!
  • Four-player simultaneous battles - CTR is Multi-Tap compatible! With head-to-head-to-head-to-head duels, CTR is the ultimate in 4-player racing battle!

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Loved this game to the core. Always played as Pura. Loved him! CrashTeamRacing PSX
best crash racing game ever CrashTeamRacing PSX
I own on this game and its a old time favourite CrashTeamRacing PSX
Arguably the best combat racing game ever made. I may go far enough to say that it is better than Mario Kart. it just never gets old. CrashTeamRacing PSX
very fun racing game.. and one of my first games on the ps1 CrashTeamRacing PSX
Awesome addictive racing fun. Still love it even now. Very fond memories of this game. CrashTeamRacing PSX
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