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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back follows the action-platforming adventures of Crash Bandicoot and his arch-nemesis Dr. Neo Cortex. After his shock defeat at the hands of Crash Bandicoot, the mad doctor was lucky enough to crash into a planet possessing a powerful emphasis upon balance in the solar system. After running several tests on the planet's crystals, Dr. Neo Cortex came to the conclusion that these remarkably powered crystals were responsible for the balance and the alignment of the planets.

Unfortunately, some of these crystals were missing, and the solar system is in a desperate state of despair. Knowing this, Dr. Neo Cortex built the Cortex Vortex, a machine that in theory is meant to save the world. Unfortunately to complete the Cortex Vortex, Dr. Neo Cortex has sinisterly called upon the services of Crash Bandicoot to help him gain all twenty-five crystals.


As Crash, it's up to you to find and collect all of the needed
crystals to save the world from destruction. You'll have to slide,
spin, jump, and run your way through immense levels inhabited by
fierce enemies and dangerous traps. You can collect Aku Aku masks
to help you advance through the levels quicker and safer, and by
collecting three in a row, you'll become invincible for a short
period of time.

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THIS is Crash Bandicoot. This is the second Crash game, released...

Sep 20, 10 4:59am
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Great little story and additional features. Still a good game to play, though it is quite tough. CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
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great game CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for Playstation. With the massive success of...

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Good but could of been better CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
Aug 19, 09 11:35am
I was once enamored with the entire Crash Bandicoot series. Something about spinning so fast that it killed my enemies interested me. CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
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cool game CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack PSX
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