Cool Boarders is the first of five snowboarding titles in the series for the PSX. Choose the board, and snowboarder to your liking. You can choose the half-pipe route, or, you can race against a computer or friend. Pull tricks to not only awe your friend, but to earn skill points. With the different amount of styles of each snowboarder, you can create your own style and class.


Choose from several different riders and 10 boards, and then hit one of the five courses. On each track you can earn three different trophies: one trophy is awarded for getting down the hill in the quickest time; catch big air to pull off big tricks like the misty, rodeo, and 1080 mute to earn the highest trick point trophy; or win the final trophy by getting the highest total score, which is based on both time and trick points. If the competition seems a little rough, race against the ghost from your last run and find a smoother line down the mountain.
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