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Product Wiki Description: The sequel to Command & Conquer, Red Alert literally rips up the history books, telling the story of a World War II in which the Soviet Empire, not Hitler's Nazis, threaten the peace of the free world.

Repelling the onslaught requires the perfect combination of deep thinking for a long-term strategic war and razor sharp reflexes for real-time combat. Red Alert boasts 30 new gameplay features over C&C, including thieves, medics, attack dogs, spies, land mines, paratroopers, submarines and...
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Release Date (North America):Oct 25, 1997 submit new
Release Date (Europe):November 1997 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jul 7, 2000 submit new
Release Date (Australia):November 1997 submit new
Perspective:Top Down submit new
Themes:Alternate History, Sci-Fi (Futuristic) submit new
Publisher:Virgin Interactive submit new
Developer:Westwood Studios submit new
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