Chrono Trigger has come to PlayStation. Other than a new opening movie and some changes to cut-scenes this is the same game first released on Super NES.


Crono (The main character) gets to walk around in a 2-D map and battling monsters. Crono can make new freinds in Time Square and other places. You get to expierce many events and diffrent endings in this game and also great super triple techniques. Crono can be able to change the future by changing events in the past. Basicly, Crono gets to save the day in all of the events and save the world from the evil Lavos.


  • Items: From over 100 items and weapons/armor to choose from makes the game very interesting to play.

  • Multiple characters to choose from and to add to your party.

  • The maps in the game are extensive and many glitches have been fixed from the original Chrono Trigger game for the Super Nintendo game console.

  • Multiple techniques for each of the characters. Also, double and triple techniques can be done with the aid of 1 or 2 other members in are party (depending who you choose).

  • Multiple endings and storylines.

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Somehow I lost this gem. And it's the only game I truly forgot losing. T.T CHRONOTRIGGER iPhone

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Great old school RPG, up there with the best. 4.5/5 stars. ChronoTrigger PSX

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This game was fun, had decent graphics, a great soundtrack, and an interesting story. ChronoTrigger PSX
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I'm playing this again after many many years. ChronoTrigger PSX
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This Was A Pretty Sad, Fun, And Hard Game. ChronoTrigger PSX
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9.1/10 ChronoTrigger PSX
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Love it, although loading times could be better... ChronoTrigger PSX
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